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    • All Paraguayan nationals residents in the Republic of Korea, Singapore, The Philippines, Cambodia and Mongolia can apply for a consular passport at this Embassy.
    • 1 Passport Application Form
      1 photo size 5*5 recently taken with white background
      Copy of the ID Card (both sides)
      Copy of the current passport
      In case of loss or theft of passport, bring the Police Report Certificate and its Spanish translation.
    • In the event that you cannot come to the Embassy with your documents, you can send a scan copy (good quality) to the embassy email. (pyemc3@gmail.com)

      The arrival period of the new consular passport is a minimum of 30 days or more.

      Once the Consular Section receives your passport from Paraguay, you will be notified to arrange an appointment.

    • Note:
      If the person resides in Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, he/she must show up at one of the MERCOSUR Embassies in the country of his/her residence to sign his/her new passport (he does not need to travel to Korea).

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