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  • 7 Paradise of Paraguay
    • The Monday
    • Monday Municipal Park and its main attraction, the Saltos del Monday, are located in the district of Presidente Franco in Alto Parana in Paraguay, occupying an area of 9 hectares. Alongside the power plant and the binational Itaipu hydroelectric complexes, Saltos del Monday is one of Paraguay's main attractions.
    • Leap Crystal: Ybycui
    • This community is a pleasant break only 120km from the epicenter of domestic tourism. The Ybycui National Park has only 28km of paved roads. The 5,190-hectare park has hills, beautiful clear streams and breathtaking waterfalls amidst the thick vegetation and stacked-stone walls.
      The most popular attraction are the Salto Minas falls, which feature a series of nature pools, waterfalls and the main cascade of about 12m high.
    • Campo Maria Salt Lagoons (Chaco)
    • Reaching the Campo Maria Salt Lagoon means venturing into the ecosystem and pure nature of the Paraguayan Chaco, with beautiful matural scenery for bird and animal watching right from the start of the unforgettable tour.
      The Lagunas Saladas de Campo Maria are in an official private reserve of abount 4,500 hectares dedicated to the conservation of nature, belonging to the Chortizer Komitee Cooperative.
      Located 480km from Asuncion, at Estancia Campo Maria, the area of about 9,155 hectares is located in the north of the Presidente Hayes region (South Central Chaco), in the western region of the country and north of the Verde River.
      The Salt Lakes include an entire ecosystem called Yakare South, made up of several lagoons: Laguna Curacau, Isal Poi Laguna, Laguna Captain, Laguna Leon, Laguna Ganso, Laguna Campo Maria, Laguna Flamenco or Chaco Lodge and Laguna Rojas Silva.
    • Laguna Blanca, San Pedro
    • Laguna Blanca is ecological and tourist site comprised of an agriculture and livestock establishment for tourists with a lake formed on calcareous sand.
      The waters are so clear that its fish and plant life can be plainly seen even at a depth of 7m. the lake covers about 147 hectares, and is considered by specialists as the only natural lake in the country, due to its thermal stratification, its depth of over 7m and its own sources. Its waters are crystal clear and its beaches made of white sand. It is in San Pedro, in the district of Santa Rosa del Aguaray, about 28km east of the city of Santa Rosa del Paraguay.
    • The Paraguayan Marshland: Fuerte Olimpo
    • Paraguay's marshland area is the largest wetland system in the world, and stretches into part of Brazil and Bolivia.
      It is a huge inland delta where waters rise and recede annually by several meters to flood a huge area and create a natural haven for birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, and an environment of great beauty.
    • Cave Kururu Kua: Amambay
    • In 2007 a cave was discovered hidden amongst the lush vegetation, revealing a beautiful watery scene and a unique natural landscape. Called Kururu Kua, or Toads Nest, the site is located on private land n Bella Vista Norte, in Rinconada, Amambay, 57km from the centre of Bella Vista.
      The site includes underwater tunnels and caves of extraordinary dimensions, and fossils can be found that may be thousands of years old. It can also be assumed that its unique environment is home to many unusual and possibly unique inhabitants.
    • Lake Ojo del Mar: North Bella Vista, Amambay
    • The mysterious Ojo del Mar lake is the result of volcanic eruption, surrounded by subtropical vegetation and located about 50km from the city of Bella Vista and 120km from Pedro Juan Caballero on the Rinconada colony. The waters of the lake are a clear green, and its depths are unknown.
      Locals have measured it to more than a depth of 100m, and it is about 100m in diameter with natural flow all through the seasons. According to geologists and specialists, the lake would have originated over 250 million years BC, and is inhabited by many varieties of fish, and until recently by the now rare Yacare Moroti(white crocodile).
      The perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, and highly exciting with its variety of wildlife, idyllic scenery and photographic opportunities.