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  • Legal Framework oriented to enhance competitiveness
    • Sovereign bonds will finance infrastructure and capital expenditures ensured by legal framework. According to Law No. 1535/99, sovereign bonds are to be used in productive investments but not for current expenditure.
      Construction & Maintenance of Roads
      Rail system
      Integration corridors in the West
      Av. Costanera & Parque Bicentenario
      Water supply system in Chaco
      Aqueduct Project
  • PPP Law
    • Public-private investment program requires a concession contract per project with specific terms and conditions.
    • Each project will require a special purpose vehicle and shareholders will have to comply with equity contributions and structuring of financing, among others.
    • PPP Law's Scope
      Construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of national roads and highways.
      Port projects
      International Airports
      Waterways: Dredging and maintenance of navigable rivers
      Electrical Infrastructure
      Construction, extensions and operation of railroad services
      Social infrastructure: Hospitals, Health centers, Educational centers; jails and penitentiaries.
  • Projects in progress under PPP Law
  • Silvio Pettirossi airport
  • State: Evaluation of technical offers
    Projects: New Terminal of 40.000 m2
                      New 80.000 m2 Platform
    Contract: Design, construction, operation, financing, running and management
    Duration: Up to 30 years
    Regime: PPP
    Start date: 2016
    Investment: 150 million dollars
    Modality: Law 5.102-PPP

  • Road 2 & 7
    State: Design and tendering process
    Projects: 170 km intervenes.
                      149 km of road duplications
                      5 overpasses and 3 viaducts
    Contract: Design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation.
    Duration: Up to 30 years
    Regime: PPP
    Start date: 2016
    Investment: 400 million dollars
    Modality: Law 5.102-PPP

  • 5074/13 Law
  • Establishes the conditions and responsibilities that constructors assumes for each project
    (minimizes the government involvement and liability).
    The Government offers as guarantees National Treasury bonds or sovereign guarantee over the financing (only available if the works are completed).
  • Projects in progress under Law 5074/13
    • Road 9 (Remanso – Mariscal Estigarribia)
    • • Stage: Ongoing bidding process
      • Size: US$ 460mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074/13

    • Parana River Bridge Access
    • • Stage: Ongoing bidding process
      • Size: US$ 230mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074/13

    • Luque, Lambaré and Roque Alonso - Sewerage
    • • Size: US$ 425mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074/13

    • Bi-Oceánico Corridor – Phase I (Carmelo Peralta – Loma Plata)
    • • Stage: Bid to star in Apr-16
      • Size: US$ 315mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074

    • Costanera Sur
    • • Stage: Feasibility
      • Size: US$ 320mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074/13

    • San Cristóbal – Naranjal
    • • Objective: Road repavement
      • Stage: Feasibility studies
      • Size: US$ 36mm
      • Reg. Framework: Law 5074/13
    • Infrastructure and Services that Paraguay requires
    • - Improving, developing and equipping human capital.
    • - Supply of drinking water, sewage treatment services.
    • - Production, refining, and commercialization of hydrocarbons, fuels and lubricants.
    • - Other investment projects in services and infrastructure of public interest.
    • - Cement production and commercialization
    • - Aqueducts, poliducts, oil pipelines, alcohol pipelines, gas pipelines
    • - Telecommunications services