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  • Official Name The Republic of Paraguay
    República del Paraguay (Spanish)
    Tetã Paraguái (Guaraní)
    Flag/Coat of Arms
    Location Landlocked country, also called
    "Heart of South America".
    Capital Asunción
    Official Languages Spanish, Guaraní
    Government Unitary presidential constitutional Republic
    President Mr. Mario Abdo Benítez
    Vice President Mr. Hugo Velázquez
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Euclides Acevedo Candia
    Legislature Congress
    Chamber of Senators / Chamber of Deputies
    Independence day 15 May, 1811
    Total Area 406.752 km2, 157,048 sq mi.
    Population (2016) 6.855 million
    Density: 17.2/km2, 39/sq mi
    GDP Total GDP: US$ 27.09
    GDP per Capita: US$ 3822
    Currency Guaraní
    Climate Tropical to subtropical