Korean Government Homepage   [English, Korean]    Provides extensive news, updates, events, and other relevant information on Korea, including links and directories of government and private offices, consulates, and worldwide websites that offer information about the country.
Presidential Diplomacy   [English]    Discusses the focal points of presidential diplomacy by Pres. Kim Dae-jung. Offers background materials for the foreign press, schedule of presidential addresses, and press releases/conferences. Also includes the president's personal history, his political profile, state visits to foreign countries, profile of First Lady Lee Hee-ho, and other information on Korea.
Government Links   [English, Korean]    This page offers links to various governmental institutions in Korea, including local/regional agencies and bureaus, consulates, political parties, and other general information about the country.
Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption   [English, Korean]    An advisory body created to combat corruption in Korea. Information includes KICAC overview, mission, functions, organization, members, emblem, policy forum, activities, and other related links.
PoliSci.com: South Korea   [English, Korean]    This page provides a brief and useful reference to the governmental systems in the Republic of Korea, including executive, legislative, and judicial areas, local government units, elections, diplomacy, international organizations membership, etc.
South Korea: Government   [English, Korean]    This page offers a brief summary of the government of the Republic of Korea (ROK), its administrative divisions-- executive, legislative, and judicial branches, legal systems, political parties, membership in international organizations, and other general info about the country.