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    • (Under the Law Nº 2193/2003)
    • Law Nº 2193/2003 stipulates "that authorizes the National Police to issue the identity document(Cédula) to the foreign spouses of paraguayans and foreign children of paraguayans father or mother".
    • In order to obtain the residence as child or spouse of paraguayan must, first of all, appeal to the Department of Repatriation (Address: 25 de mayo c/ Brasil – Asunción, Paraguay) to get the "Repatriation Certificate" which allow to obtain the benefit of tariffs exoneration from the public institutions of Paraguay (Paraguayan Consulates, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migrations, etc.,). In case of not having the mentioned certificate, the corresponding tariffs should be paid without exception.
    • Once obtained the Repatriation Certificate should go to the Department of Identifications of National Police (Address: R.I. 2 Ytororó c/ Boggiani – Asunción, Paraguay) to request the paraguayan identity card(Cédula); at this procedure, a series of requirements should be fulfilled. With such documentation, relevant files or records will be enabled to forward to the General Direction of Migration to initiate filing procedures for the corresponding work.
    • General Direction of Migration will inscribe in its records the beneficiaries of the Law 2193/04 in accordance with the file forwarded by the Department of Identifications of National Police.
    • Requirements Requested by the Migration:
      One (1) authenticated copy of ID card (Cédula) or report of loss (if applicable), if it is not included in the file.
      Original + two (2) authenticated copies of Repatriation Certificate for tariffs exoneration.
  • Notes:
    • With the Repatriation Certificate obtain the tariffs exoneration for spouses of paraguayans who have married abroad and for foreign children from their paraguayans father or mother. However, for spouses of paraguayans who have married in Paraguay this benefit will be exempted.
    • Minors should be accompanied by one of their parents or guardians to sign the application of residence.
    • Minors under 14 years of age do not need to submit the Criminal Records Certificate.
    • General Direction of Migration
    • The General Direction of Migration may require, if deemed necessary, any other additional documentation to those detailed. The admission of application for residence does not presuppose the authorization of the documents requested.
    • As the laws and regulations related to Consular Services are subject to change without notice by the competent authorities, it is required to contact us for more detailed and up-to-date information.
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