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    • Precarious Residency aims to document, through the requirement provided for under Law of Migrations Nº 978/96, the foreign citizens who wish to settle for a shorter period of time established for the temporary residence for a period not exceeding six (6) months and can be extended for the same period of time.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Original and one (1) copy of identity document certified by a notary public in force of the country of origin;
      Identity Card(Cédula) or National Identity Document enclosed the paper proving the entry into the country or,
      Passport with country entry seal stamped, plus Visa (in case of countries that require it). The Visa must be verified with the corresponding Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paraguay (Address: 14 de Mayo c/ Palma – Asunción, Paraguay).
    • 2. Original + one (1) authenticated copy of Life and Residence Certificate in force issued by the jurisdictional Police Office.
    • 3. Original + one (1) authenticated copy of valid INTERPOL certificate.
    • 4. Original + one (1) authenticated copy of proof of working for the company or currently employed institution where realizing the corresponding work (this requirement shall be applicable to person who request the Precarious Residency for reasons to work).
    • 5. Payment of fees; Gs. 547.218
      In the event of expiration of the period of stay as a tourist when you are applying for the Temporary Residency, it is necessary to pay the corresponding fine.
      To request the extension of the Precarious Residency, the applicant should present the updated documents, plus an Appearance for an Affidavit(Declaración Jurada) which will be realized in the Direction of Legal Counsel of the Institution(Dirección de Asesoría Jurídica de la institución).
  • Notes:
    • All documents issued in a foreign language must have the Spanish translation made by National Public Translator enrolled by the Supreme Court in Paraguay, except Portuguese language documents (This exception shall apply exclusively for foreigners of Brazilian nationality).
    • All documents from the country of origin must be legalized properly.
    • There are two ways to legalize the documents from the country of origin:
      Visa granted by the competent local authority of the Paraguayan Consulate and its subsequent legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay.
      Legalized by means of an apostille (valid for those countries subscribed to the Hague Convention). Request for an apostille should be made to the authorized institution of the country of origin.
  • Important
    • For citizens of Mercosur only require a simple legalization of documents which consists of documents stamped by the competent Consular Authority in the country of origin or residence.
      The General Direction of Migration may require, if deemed necessary, any other additional documentation to those detailed. The admission of application for residence does not presuppose the authorization of the documents requested.
    • As the laws and regulations related to Consular Services are subject to change without notice by the competent authorities, it is required to contact us for more detailed and up-to-date information.
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