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    • Granted to foreign citizens who wish to extend their stay in the country after completing their duration of stay in the country as tourist (three months) without another type of a residence permit. The extension of duration will be granted only once with a period of time up to three months from the date of issuance.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Original and one (1) copy of identity document (Cédula) certified by a notary public in force of country of origin;
      Identity Card or National Identity Document with the paper proving the entry into the country or,
      Passport with country entry seal stamped, plus Visa (for countries that require it). The Visa must be verified with the corresponding Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paraguay (Address: 14 de Mayo c/ Palma – Asunción, Paraguay).
    • 2. In the case of minors; attach one certified copy of the identity documents of both parents and one birth certificate of the minor.
    • 3. Payment of Fees; Gs. 304.010.
    • 4. Estimated duration: 48 hours.
  • Notes:
    • All documents from the country of origin must be legalized properly. There are two ways to legalize the documents from the country of origin:
      Visa granted by the competent local authority of the Paraguayan Consulate and its subsequent legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay.
      Legalized by means of an apostille (valid for those countries subscribed to the Hague Convention). Request for an apostille should be made to the authorized institution of the country of origin.
  • Important
    • For citizens of Mercosur only require a simple legalization of documents which consists of documents stamped by the competent Consular Authority in the country of origin or residence.
    • The General Direction of Migration may require, if deemed necessary, any other additional documentation to those detailed. The admission of application for residence does not presuppose the authorization of the documents requested.
    • As the laws and regulations related to Consular Services are subject to change without notice by the competent authorities, it is required to contact us for more detailed and up-to-date information.
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