Dear internauts and visitors of our Web Page:

The Embassy of Paraguay in Korea has the great pleasure to present to our friends and to our web's site visitors our new Internet site, in the 41st year of our bilateral relations.

In preparing this site, the Embassy of Paraguay in Korea had in mind to honor the traditional links of friendship between our two countries, which was reinforced by the important number of Koreans immigrants who decided to settle in Paraguay as their adoptive country. Likewise, it is our intention to reflect our deepest gratitude to the Korean people for their continued cooperation to the Paraguayan people in the last decades.

This modern tool is intended to provide to any person with the basic and necessary information regarding a wide scope of areas dealing with Paraguay's general situation, such as its history, its culture and its economy etc., as well as with the routine tasks and duties of this Embassy.

This Embassy's Internet site is a long time aspiration come true. It represents the effort to modernize a public service by closing the distance that naturally exists between diplomatic and consular missions and the public, which are increasingly turning to these highways of information to satisfy their day-to-day necessities.

From this point of view, we expect that this web site will be valuable, interactive and wide open door able to construct a fluid dialogue with Korean people, who rank among the world's top Internet users. In this context, through especial dialogue engines in this site, we will welcome any suggestion to ameliorate our service and, of course, we will try to satisfy any particular question that may arise.

Being a small Embassy by the number of diplomats assigned to Korea, this initiative would not have been possible without the decisive cooperation of Mr. Cho Hee-Cheon, President of JeonJu Kijeon College and his professional staff, and the personal commitment of Professor Yeo, Yeong-Gyu, to whom we extend our warmest words of esteem and appreciation.

Finally, reflecting the traditional Paraguayan hospitality and friendliness, I would like to say that we expect to make a great deal of new friends through this site, especially within Korean netizens.

We expect to fulfill all the expectations and will try very hard to constantly improve the content of this site, to reflect the spirit of friendship between our two countries.

Yours sincerely